Updates for PDF4U Family Products

Products Update Information
  The latest version of PDF4U family products is 3.01, and is Windows 11 64-bit and 32-bit compatible.
   No updates available. Please check back a later time. 

Utilities and Tools for licensed users
PDF4U Control Center              Download  (615KB)
DEMO Version Removal Tool            Download  (106KB)

Utilities and Tools for developers and programmers
Developer SDK updated version       Download  (321KB)

PDF4U Control Center screenshot:

"View Spool" is designed for PDF4U user to view all jobs in the printer queue.

"Set As Default" can set the selected printer as the default printer of your system.

"Show Printer" enables users to immediately open "Printers and Faxes" folder.

"Properties" provides easy access to "PDF4U Adobe PDF Creator" Properties Dialog.

"Preferences" is a shortcut button to "Printing Preferences..."

"Enable Printer" should be used when "PDF4U Adobe PDF Creator" is disabled or missing.

"Disable Printer" can temporarily disable "PDF4U Adobe PDF Creator", if you find confliction.

"Printer Info" shows general information of the selected printer.

"Share In" is designed for network administrators who wish to deploy shared "PDF4U Adobe PDF Creator" printer on the server for a handful of terminal PCs in a local network.

"Share Out" should be executed on the server computer where "PDF4U Adobe PDF Creator" has been installed. If you have set users in your Group or Domain, then all these users will get a shared "PDF4U Adobe PDF Creator" on their desktop automatically. However, you should know the IP address or computer UNC name of each user.



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